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About Invisalist

 InvisAlist is NOT just another public MLS search engine.  InvisAlist is the future of local real estate markets.  InvisAlist is our proprietary platform & process which anonymously markets your general property information, at your ‘Suggested Retail Price’, on dozens of the highest performing alternative real estate search engine platforms, without disclosing the address, specific location, or any identifying characteristics, while targeting your ‘highest & best’ Buyer by utilizing a more intensive qualification & vetting process. This marketing method allows for a property to be perpetually ‘on the market’, while affording the owner more security & liberties to exercise ‘quiet enjoyment’, without subjecting them to the rigors & stresses of the 'open market' and potential perceived depreciation.

 We have developed this platform as a way to generate that hallowed 'knock on your door, & how much would it take for me to buy this home?', as soon as you find what you need, of course...

InvisAlist is just one aspect of a new concept in Fayetteville’s local real estate industry.  You see, Homeowners and Buyers aren’t the only people questioning whether or not the real estate industry’s standard 6% commission rate is a truly fair and equitable price for the services provided.  Many Agents and Brokers are grappling it with it, too, and are envisioning new and creative ways to put their clients in the driver’s seat.

Realty EPIC (powered by InvisAlist) was born in an innovative attempt to genuinely serve our neighbors who are contemplating buying or selling a home.

We aren’t in a hurry to get your property sold, only to find you now have to settle for whatever homes are on the market at that time.  And we won’t push you to look at houses that really don’t facilitate your goals in life, either.   Our mission is to walk with you and coach you through the process of finding your next home, identifying a qualified Buyer for your current home, and guide you through that transition from one chapter of your life to the next at a pace that’s right for you.

In addition to our desire to provide a new and unique home buying and selling experience, we also decided to buck the system further by providing this service for a fraction of the traditional price.  We believe that, with the right information and encouragement, our clients are capable of making their own decisions on just how many services they want to pay for.  Every client is unique, and every property is different, and a “one-size-fits-all” standard commission rate just doesn’t make sense in a culture where everyone has access to the Internet and a good education.

So here’s how it works:


You choose the level of service YOU want

MENU OF SELLER SERVICES (click for more details) And don't forget that you are able to order ala carte. Everything in business should be negotiable!



Who actually pays the Buyer’s agent?  Welllllll, who’s the only one bringing a check to the closing table?  That’s right…the Buyer.  When the Buyer’s representation costs less, you can pay less for your new home. We empower the Buyer to control what they pay for their agency representation, rather than have it dictated by the Seller.

Description of BUYER SERVICES (click for more details) 


Realty EPIC (powered by InvisAlist) is the brainchild of Principal Broker, Rock Florida, who has a dream to entertain, educate, and empower the public to help him change an industry. He has been practicing residential real estate for more than 10 years, with a dedication and drive to only serve in the Fayetteville market, as that is where he lives, rears his family, and believes in as the center of his universe. Throughout these years of practice, he has been increasingly more adept at putting deals together in the very fashion that the InvisAlist is designed to act in, however he has BEEN the proprietary product and is much more fallible that an algorythmic-function would be, and sees that in the future every local community will have such an inclusive database and resouce system available (800+ sales in the Fayetteville market last year. By 2020, we project that more than 400 of those will be generated by our 'dating service', and all that we agents are required to do is perform pre-marital counseling, help you script your vows, & make sure that you make it to the altar). He has recognized that one of the biggest problems for homeowners that are 'considering' selling, is the paralysis that sets in when you are hindered by a mortgage that you would need to be clear of prior to another. Realty EPIC has decided to invert the process funnel, and to FIND your next home first, so that you can then properly advance your agenda in that direction. Won't it be grand when you have your optimal Buyer in queue, who is willing to pay your price, and give you the time that it takes to find your next castle? And, if you know that you are going to need to move in a year, or so, having an advocate that is proactive in bringing your Buyer along into the queue? You may say I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

I hope someday you'll join us

And the world will be as one (John Lennon 9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980)

We all only have so many days on this Rock, so don't spend any more of them wondering 'what if I were to try that?'.