Disruptive-model REAL Estate brokerage releases Website with an Agenda…
By Rob
July 10, 2015 has published its initial offering of Fees-for-Services. In a move that is certain to disturb many in the traditional model, we have jumped out there with what we believe is a way to facilitate change that will truly benefit buyers and sellers of real estate. We have struggled for years trying to justify showing a buyer 1 home, & charging them $3-15,000 for the privilege of working with us for a month, or so…

I am Rob Florida, Principal Broker of Realty EPIC. In case y’all hadn’t noticed, times they are a changing. For every season, turn-turn-turn. This used to be a truly honored & revered profession, and there are a few really good ones out there. But, I’ve been doing some Customer Discovery Surveys (anonymously, for the most part. My CTO actually put it together) And there are a lot of people out there who look at real estate ‘agents’ in a less-than-favorable light. As a matter of fact, folks in the community will tell you that they are ‘on edge’ just being in a room with one if, for no other reason than the ‘perceived pressure’ of someone who is always lurkingly interested in leveraging their home and relationships. Sinking further into the perception, they are out for their own interests. And, quite frankly, I can’t argue with ‘em. As a matter of fact, that’s one of the primary reasons that I will continue to maintain my professional licensure as a ‘Broker’. Cuz, that’s what I am. A connector. My natural design is strong in theForce of name/vocation/resources/needs memory gifting. I am absolutely convinced that I am 1-degree removed from over 90% of everyone in Fayetteville. But, I can not begin to tell you how many times that I have heard a ‘cooperative’ agent tell me they won’t negotiate their commissions “because they are worth 3%”, or heaven forbid that you are For Sale By Owner because your ‘upside-down’ to the Crash still and truly can’t afford it. How many of y’all have heard that if you don’t offer 3% to the Buyer’s Agency that it won’t show? What is THAT about? Unless it’s retail, it’s negotiable, People. What I don’t get is how the really wealthy haven’t picked up on this sooner. You know that if you’ve got a $400,000 home that the target on your backside-pocket is OVER 4 X’s the size of the $100k-Joe (Get The LISTING! Even if they’re out-of-their-mind on their pricing, you’ll generate that level of Buyer activity…). And, do you really think that we put in 4 X’s as much work/money/resources into marketing your property?

In this Age of Technology, the fast-food syndicated systemized processes that the Big Brokers are all paying to outsource everything, the only SELLING that happens is the relationship to the Cult of Personality & Niche Boutique. What you are left buying is their bling! I don’t even get to speak to your agent when I want to show your property most of the time anymore. I get the $12/hr Call Center in Memphis, who doesn’t even know anything about the property except that the dog’s name is Guido and I’d better play nice.

Okay. Maybe this bloggin’ is a good thing. I feel better. I think everybody needs a good place to rant, every now & again. But, like my Ol’ Man used to say, “I’m on thin ice, & the suns a shinin’…”. If y’all don’t hear from me again soon, check to see if I’m visiting Davey Jones at his Lake Fayetteville locker, please.

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