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Welcome to the Future of Real Estate Transactions!

The InvisAlist is Fayetteville & NWA's most unique, forward-thinking resource for selling and finding your home-sweet-home. This is not your mama's-every listing in northwest arkansas-MLS search site. You can get that anywhere... this is an exclusive database of properties that are available for sale in Fayetteville that are not engaged in the 'open market', while ALSO a marketplace to post your specific Buyer profile. Supply is one thing. Our Buyer Select services proactively market your DEMAND.              

From launch we will be loading at least 3 properties per week, & Buyer's are added immediately upon engagement. If you would like more information than is currently available on this site, CALL 408-909-EPIC.

When is the last time I used the Yellow Pages?

How often do I look up movie schedules in the newspaper?

So, why am I still using the same real estate system my grandparents did? Check out more ABOUT INVISALIST...

Are you looking to BUY a Fayetteville Home? 

Realty EPIC, powered by InvisAlist, can guarantee you will save money by using our model. The 'standard' commission that a Buyer is charged is 3%.

 Let’s start by asking a hard question: “Why is that?”  One more: "What's the difference between 3% of (How much you're paying for your next home for 30 years @ 4.25%) and a flat-fee option of $2500 or $5000? 

Then, let’s start questioning the “norm”...  Conventional agencies have no "duty to review or learn of any "For Sale By Owners" or properties not listed with real estate licensees that may suit the desires or needs of the Buyer".    

We’ll proactively hunt down YOUR DREAM HOME by openly marketing YOUR DREAM!  Your dream home may not be on the market right now, or you may not be quite ready to move.  We’ll help you find it BEFORE it 'hits the market', and with a timetable that works with YOUR schedule! Along the way we find these other folks that are willing to sell in the near future...

Request more info on our propietary search platform & Buyer Select services by CLICKING HERE. 

Are you “considering” SELLING your Fayetteville Home in the future? 

         Realty EPIC has developed the model that will:


The InvisAlist intentionally slows down the selling process, piquing curiosity and promoting “scarcity.”

Let us provide you with marketing services specific to your needs at a reasonable and affordable price. 

If you are thinking of selling within the next three years, call us today to develop your personalized, optimized Exit Strategy.

Engage our proprietary market platform by CLICKING HERE.

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